1900 - 1951

1900  Tunis Schoolhouse in operation for 78 years

1901 First telephone exchange in village, with 26 subscribers.  President McKinley shot, Theodore Roosevelt sworn in.

Edward VII reign begins positive era in England.

1903  Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk NC

1905  Russian Revolution

1906  San Francisco Earthquake

1908  Model T produced by Ford Motor Co.

1909 “It is becoming more difficult to secure good teachers for small schools, and almost impossible to keep them.. Except where teachers live at home, it has been difficult to find suitable boarding places for teachers. Facts like these may compel serious consideration of uniting schools and carrying scholars.” Tunis School remains open along with only five others: Etna, Center, County Road, Rudsboro, and Goss.

1912 Spring log drives down Connecticut River.  Titanic sinks

1913  Suffragist Movement in London

1914  WWI begins

1917  coup d’etat in Russia by Lenin and Trotsky

1918-1919  Tunis Teacher: Ruby B Ayers (5 weeks) and Zeta L. Ploof (9 weeks). Pay was $32/month. Zeta boarded with M/M Will Tobin in the first house on the left after you turn east onto Wolfeboro Road from Tunis Road (big house torn down some years ago).  WWI ends

Worldwide flu epidemic

1920  19th Amendment ratified and women can vote.

1921  TUNIS SCHOOL CLOSED in its 99th year. Goss School was reopened and Tunis children went there until 1951.

1928 Baker Library completed

1935 Hanover High School erected on Lebanon Street.

1938 Moose Mountain Lodge built.

“The Great Hurricane” of 1938

1950  Tunis Schoolhouse was moved to its present site, about one-half mile west on the northern site of Wolfeboro Road, by then owner Ray Smith (from MA) , and became a summer residence. The Smith’s built an ell on the north side that later collapsed.

1951 END OF THE 160-YEAR ERA OF THE ONE-ROOM DISTRICT SCHOOL IN RURAL HANOVER. Goss School, with 14 pupils, closes when Mertena Gardner retired after 30 years at this school.

1957  Etna School which has been graded for many years closes.

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