1760 Royal Governor Wentworth thought Upper CT River Valley safe enough to begin settlement 62 years before Tunis School opens.  British Empire is unrivaled

1763 French and Indian Wars end and the British take control of Canada and all French possessions east of Mississippi.  Mozart tours Europe a 6-year old prodigy

Buckingham Palace is purchased by King George III

1765 First permanent settlers in Hanover live in log house half mile from river near Lyme border

1770 Boston Massacre. Dartmouth College opens and 20 families call Hanover home, settling adjacent to westerly slopes of Moose Mountain.  Captain Cook voyages to the south Pacific and Australia.

1771 Royal Governor Wentworth attends first Dartmouth Commencement and found the trip annoying and roundabout.

“Village at the college” is laid out by pioneers.

1772 Governor Wentworth travels to Dartmouth’s second Commencement in the company of friends from his country estate in Wolfeboro along a road that was cleared and called Wolfeboro Road in Hanover. He repeats the trip the following year for the last time. 50 years before Tunis School opens

1773Boston Tea Party

1774 Wentworth could not attend Dartmouth Commencement as it was not deemed wise fro him to travel over the road in wilderness and instead, he was compelled to seek protection from the Patriots in Portsmouth.

1775 American Revolution begins

1776 Declaration of Independence

1782 An inn has been standing on same corner in Hanover since 1782.

1783 American Revolution ends

1787 Revolution removed Wentworth and thereby set back road making and settling. The section of Wolfeboro Road with its tremendous climb over the saddle of Moose Mtn began to fall into disuse and disrepair 35 years before Tunis Schoolhouse opens.

First record of school activity in Hanover town records. School Committee appointed. US Constitution is signed

1789 French Revolution begins and lasts until 1799

1790 The original Dartmouth Hall was constructed and completed in 1791. School Districts #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 are established, bordered by western slope of Moose Mountain, CT River, and Lyme town line.

A sum of 100 pounds was appropriated for schools.

1793 Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI executed 

1794  School Districts #6, #7, #8, and #9 were in place. Districts each had a School Committeeman who hired the ‘proper person to keep school’ and acted as Collector for that part of the tax which belonged to his district.

1795 Original “white church” -Church of Christ at Dartmouth College - built on what late became Dartmouth Green.

1799 Annual appropriation for schools by town was still 100 pounds.

23 years until Tunis School opens

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